Who are we? What are we?

We are Stardust…and we have to get ourselves back to the Garden

Image of my character Gerty and her friends. I’m working on an ebook with the working title, The Four Seasons of Gerty. Over the last few years, I have drawn her in different ways, athletic and not so much; worried or happy or just contemplative; communing with nature; or staring out the window. I have dozens of sketches and finished drawings. It’s time to curate them and assemble them into a story.

Time to get to work!

All rights reserved. ©️Susan Bass Marcus 2022

2 thoughts on “Who are we? What are we?

  1. Please do get to work because it will bring joy, wisdom, and a needed smile to so many of us caught in the same situations, doing the same activities and thinking and/or worrying about the same questions. We will all look forward to this collection.


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