What I Write

Nnylf, one of the adolescent protagonists of the novel, has entered a ruined castle tower during a raging storm. His dragon, off to battle, has left him there, hoping his rider will find shelter.

With each cautious footstep, Nnylf felt the stair treads bounce and sag. He slid one hand along a gritty wall to steady himself. When he reached the bottom step, he stopped. He pressed one hand to his chest; his rapidly beating heart pounded in his ears. An arm’s length in front of him stretched a dark curtain. As Nnylf touched it with a shaking finger, it crumbled, and a coat of fine black dust covered the floor in front of him. Beyond lay a broad chamber.

The light that had guided him down the stairway began to fade. Nnylf held his breath. Deepening shadows in each corner of the chamber were moving. They glided toward him, and he felt enveloped by a growing chill penetrating his armor and seeping into his bones. Continue reading What I Write