Who are we? What are we?

Image of my character Gerty and her friends. I’m working on an ebook with the working title, The Four Seasons of Gerty. Over the last few years, I have drawn her in different ways, athletic and not so much; worried or happy or just contemplative; communing with nature; or staring out the window. I have dozens of sketches and finished drawings. It’s time to curate them and assemble them into a story. All rights reserved. ©️Susan Bass Marcus 2022 Continue reading Who are we? What are we?

Rainy Day Thoughts

The sound of tires swishing along rain-soaked streets reminds me of waves tumbling along the lakeshore yesterday. The downpour splashing heavy drops on our air conditioner has convinced me to forgo my morning walk. I’ll follow an exercise video instead. Other creatures are more content with the sky’s liquid gift. Birds have more puddles for a bath or drink. Dogs don’t care (I guess). The rabbits carry on and squirrels seem indifferent. I’ll wait for the rain to dwindle before grabbing my gear for another beautiful walk around my city. In the meantime, I’ll use this time to write, read, … Continue reading Rainy Day Thoughts