Dallying in Delphi

After an hours-long drive out of Athens, we reached the mountains. Parnassus came into view. Our ears popped with the change of altitude. We passed through a jarringly Nordic ski village, Arachova, before ascending higher on the sacred mountain, until a line of tour buses alerted us to our arrival at the Temple of Apollo’s complex where its priestess, the Delphic Oracle once moved men to make decisions, sometimes disastrous ones. A layer of blueish-gray clouds hung overhead, obscuring the sun and chilling the air. I zipped up my raincoat and shivered. With the sheer face of a mountain behind … Continue reading Dallying in Delphi

Variations on It’s Greek to Me

In June of my high school senior year, we fourth-year Latin students prepared for our end-of-term celebration. Ms. J., our teacher, announced we were going to have a Roman banquet. In addition to the little speeches we were to give in Latin, Ms. J. would perform an oration as a character named Marcellus. On the appointed day, we arrived in class with ‘togas’ draped over our street clothes and began the celebration by toasting Marcellus with paper cups of grape juice. All conversation proceeded in our rudimentary Latin; we even attempted to pull off some corny ancient Roman jokes. The … Continue reading Variations on It’s Greek to Me