Only Regrets -“Can We Talk?”

Ella and her neighbor Dave shadow their apartment building handyman Joe to Pine Glen Street, site of the trash-burner murder Ella discovered accidentally. Now, another mutilated body is lying inside it. As blaring police sirens approach the site, Ella needs a hiding place. Joe appears at the door of a nearby frame cottage and invites her in. “He’s gone, Dave. Dead. What are you doing?” An approaching police car siren silenced us. Dave stowed his phone in a hip pocket and whispered, “Outside, Ella. Hurry.” We brushed debris from our clothes and hid behind the trash burner. “The siren. I … Continue reading Only Regrets -“Can We Talk?”

Next Installment: “Only Regrets” (Animal Control)

[After a strange incident around a trash burner a few blocks from her home, Ella is unnerved by reports of a corpse discovered inside it. Her neighbor Fanny helps her calm down but when Ella returns to her apartment, she hears strange sounds next door. She phones Animal Control to report possible abuse.] Maybe the stress of moving was catching up with me, but I couldn’t accept I was hallucinating. Officer Falk’s patronizing tone when he walked me and the cat back to our building had made me feel small and silly. But there was that body…torn apart, he’d said. … Continue reading Next Installment: “Only Regrets” (Animal Control)

New Installment of “Only Regrets”

[After her casual walk reveals a corpse, Ella suspects her new neighborhood has some unpleasant secrets. Fanny, a tenant one floor down, comforts her with tea and sympathy. To read previous installments, start with  Fanny made excuses about an appointment. “Sorry, can’t go in this robe. Your tea still warm? Take the mug home. I know where to find it,” she said with a small smile while showing me to the door. “Thanks, Fanny. I appreciate your company…and the tea, but that business around the trash-burner was so strange.” Fanny whispered, “Strange. Yes. Anyway, you’re welcome.” She paused and … Continue reading New Installment of “Only Regrets”