The Good Sprite: Sweetnettle

As a fiction writer, the invention of fantasy characters for my novels and short stories gives me great pleasure. I enjoy my freedom to create fantastical beings, both benign and malign, with characteristics I’ve not yet encountered in reading the work of other authors. One of my characters I’d love to meet and with whom I’d share tea time, cakes, and conversation is Sweetnettle. He’s a helpful and resourceful sprite called a Lobli. Featured in my first two Dragonwolder novels, Malevir: Dragons Return  and Where Dragons Follow, he is brave, willing, and strong well beyond his small size (18 inches).

In Where Dragons Follow, a wizardly giant named Rocánonom sends Sweetnettle into dangerous territory to find  another giant, Enderfon. The wizard hopes Enderfon’s magical weapon will help end a monster’s attacks on the inhabitants of Dragonwolder. Most of Dragonwolder lies under layers of ice and snow, the result of the monster’s evil machinations. Let’s see how Sweetnettle is facing the challenge: 

“Layers of plush reed-cloth wrapped his soft copper-colored boots, but Sweetnettle shivered as he waded through the last snowfield.
He strained against cold, battering winds to reach the Warmside 
outlands before dark. His strength was holding up, but this
task was no fun. He mused on the way he had regained his strength
after Aindle’s attacks. Few beings could survive a basilisk’s poison, but
infusions of rue broth and other herbal brews had revived him.

Sweetnettle patted his comforting round belly as he remembered the broth’s
taste—burnt bread crust and vinegar, sweetened with root sugar.
Rocánonom’s words echoed in Sweetnettle’s head: ‘My friend,
your news from Fossarelick worries me. The Malevir’s strength grows
again. Go to the Warmside, where the great Enderfon lies. You’ll find
him by a red needlerock. Close to whatever is left of the giant should be
his mace, Rowel. Use it.’
Duty pushed him forward. He closed his mind to all other
thoughts until, sensing his feet no longer struggled in deep snow,
he looked back at the land he had crossed. The snowfield, with its
steaming ice and glassy surface, was behind him. He had entered the

You can read the rest of this character’s marvelous adventure in Where Dragons Follow. Order it through your favorite bookstore or find it in print or ebook format at


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