Cartoons, Sketches, Drawings – 2

My fingertips grazed the keyboard without effect. Stuck at my short story’s critical point, I needed to escape the laptop shaming my writer’s block. Near my desk, a raft of new drawing supplies sat in a fresh arrangement of cans and canisters on my worktable, which I once used as a puppet sculptor.

I left my writing desk and began a days-long frenzy of drawing–for me the perfect break from a writing dead end. Some of those drawings provided quite a release from my spaghetti of emotions, exacerbated by COVID-19 isolation, and I thought I would share a few here, with comments.

hands and arms

Lately, I crave ice cream and have indulged almost daily in craft brands as well as good old Trader Joe’s pints of deliciousness. The sketches and ‘toons I’ve included today reflect that yen.

My dear, almost daily sketch friend is Gerty, who my husband thinks is my alter ego.  I’d say she’s speaks for my positive feelings and thoughts. The next image presents Gerty and her black cat.

Gerty cone

Then, sometimes I imagine life in a usually inanimate object, here an ice cream cone greeting a young woman with, “Well, hello Summer!”

hello summer

So, now, with happy memories of ice cream well-eaten and feelings externalized in gelato-related drawings, I’ll return to my struggles with that short story [working title “Only Regrets,” which keeps getting longer and may soon become a novella, if I can overcome the writer’s block]

One thought on “Cartoons, Sketches, Drawings – 2

  1. Although I am anxious to read the next episodes of what you now say will grow into a novella, “Only Regrets”, and Gerty seems to take up some of your time and hence delaying my next clues as to what is going to happen in your exciting story, I adore Gerty and you are forgiven for making me wait to find out what happens next in “Only Regrets”.

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