Gerty Looks Both Ways

Not long ago, we stood at the nexus point between the years 2020 and 2021, a moment of great vulnerability according to some traditions. With hoopla including cheers, noisemakers, popping champagne corks, and, in our neighborhood, firecrackers, some people chased away evil spirits ready to exploit the weakness of that moment. Other people retreated if possible to the coziness and reassurance of their homes, perhaps with champagne, or more likely a little radio or CD music and an early bedtime. Still others suffered the cold, loneliness, and deprivation of a life on the skids.

Gerty had a quiet New Year’s Eve. She used to host a pot luck supper for a few friends. This year, her friends agreed to use Zoom and meet while they ate together. Gerty shared her recipe for vegetarian lasagne and each friend made her own version. When eight o’clock arrived, they met, ate, and drank some sparkling wine ‘together.’ The gathering was fun, but it wasn’t as pleasurable as the little parties they had shared in the past.

What a year, that 2020!

It began with great hopes, travel plans, plays to see, lunches with Maysie or Clarice but…

Although in early March, she’d had lunch with Maysie, by the Ides (3/15/20), they agreed to connect by phone and email.

The Pandemic raged and Gerty stayed home most of the time. Her local grocers tried their best to limit customers and guard staff and customer health, but Gerty realized she was ordering deliveries more often than not.

She did write now and then. Staying focused was difficult. She realized she was spending much more time–hours, actually–on the couch with Rodney and a good book.

But books were a temporary distraction. Sleep was the best escape. If she could fall asleep.

She was thankful for her cat’s company. Rodney was warm and snuggly. Caring for his needs distracted her from many of her own worries. Awake she tried to relax. She did wish she could live in her dreams a bit longer. However, lingering in bed was like eating doughnuts–delicious but not as healthful as getting up and moving.

Gerty will carry on, into 2021, determined to make the best of it, but wishing her best dreams–of peace, kindness, and justice–would become a reality.

6 thoughts on “Gerty Looks Both Ways

  1. A complex, difficult and very hard to summarize year of 2020 skillfully, beautifully, and concisely illustrated and explained in words and drawings. Gerty – you are some gal! Stay well and keep in good humor.


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