Lived a Mole


Long ago and far away  lived a mole.

The mole sat in a hole

deep in her planet by

a network of tunnels

each leading to

the Sea Of Seven Fools.


Bodies of water are bigger

than moles, but no mole

can live in a body of water.

The Sea of Seven Fools hid

a trillion or more

bones of foolish moles

whose only thought was

to reach the sea.


They thought the sea

would set them free

from holes

ripe  narrow and dark.

Benighted they would never see the light.


This mole widened her tunnel,

built a dam

and lived her life

in dark comfort.  

–January 16, 2021

5 thoughts on “Lived a Mole

  1. A mole : small but determined – wise to recognize the value of understanding what is important, what is obtainable and then take action to preserve it. A writer: able to present a short but expressive poem/statement of an important lesson. A viewpoint: a different and fresh form of work from a writer of many voices.

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  2. Brave of you to try poetry. Powerful image (describing our times) but I’m not sure if the dark hole is better than an impossible trip to the sea. Successful poem because it makes one Think. thanks💕


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