The Mole Having Dug Three Tunnels

Sat in a hole within her burrow deep,

One tunnel led to the variable air.

Another to her nest of sleep.

The third untouched, a fearsome snare.

To the sea.

Alone she slept within her nest

Without old friends, by no decree.

All said she gave to them her best

But frowned as they once sought the sea.

Without a care.

They left, they ran, into the sea

From ripe and narrow beds, they fled

They screamed as water set them free

From holes they feared would hold them dead.

Not to be.

The mole dug more and built a dam.

In comfort she would live above

The waters dark that drowned her clan

And robbed her of the ones she loved.

Her tears ran deep.

Night would squeeze its paw around

Her as she curled within her lair.

A scrape and shuffle then unbound her

When another mole appeared to dare

Her to depart.

“The world is bigger than this hole and

Much more lies beyond the sea.

Come with me to see the land.

We two will start a dynasty.”

She bit his nose.

The mole has dug another path

Outside but hidden from the tide.

She sits above the darkening sea

Where she can watch the otters glide.

And thinks of him.

“So right, so true were you, my love”

She sighed and scurried down below.

“I’ll gnaw, and scrape through continents

Until I find my sweet Hello.”

And she left.

2 thoughts on “The Mole Having Dug Three Tunnels

  1. The poem is oddly touching and is a wonderfully written and balanced work. Perhaps, in these times, one has to dig deep, but with a plan.


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