Nostalgia-Nostalgie Look at the list of current bestsellers and you will find an array of books about dysfunctional families, dystopian societies, global catastrophe, or protagonists living really screwed-up lives. The phenomenon is easy to understand. Many of us are coping with deep-seated anxieties about our world, our health, or even our survival. No wonder, then, that a little book, a collection of short stories, Le petit Nicolas (Nicholas) by René Goscinny and Jean-Jacques Sempé, appeals. It offers the reader a refuge from such cares. A wistful but unsentimental fantasy about a little boy living with his bourgeois parents in a … Continue reading Nostalgia-Nostalgie

Email to Roberta

Caroline’s husband received an email from his mother, Roberta DeLazio, today. She announced her plans to move in with Caroline and her son. Roberta lives in Oregon and Caroline lives in Maine. Here is Caroline’s gracious response.   Hi- Roberta, dear, Ezio tells me you hope to move to Bangor in three months and that you’d like to live with us. How nice, but I see Ezio didn’t tell you the good and bad news. Good news, because we finally sold the house, which saves us so much $$ and gives us some cash toward our retirement. Bad news because … Continue reading Email to Roberta