A New ZooCatron – Chapter Four

Their pod module shuddered as it pulled away from the grassy sward without a sound. Its control panel screens glowed yellow in all the right places, showing a functional energy field. With a little twitch, Shvaart relaxed, his tail high in the air.  As he sheathed his claws, all he wanted to do was flop onto his side and nap. That business on the ground had exhausted his reserves. Within moments, Shvaart’s eyes closed and his tail curled around his legs. An alarm shrilled and his eyes shot open, wide and dark. The control panel was blinking, and an alarm … Continue reading A New ZooCatron – Chapter Four

A Tavola: Breakfast in Firenze

Every morning around 7:00 in casa Chellini, Teresa the all-purpose donna, housemaid, and scullion would knock on our bedroom door, ask “Si puo?”which meant, “May I come in?” and after hearing one of us answer, would enter bearing a wooden tray always set with the same objects: several thin slices of stale bread or dry toast, two small slabs of butter, a tiny pot of jam, two coffee cups and saucers, and a small pot of bitter coffee next to a little sugar dish,two tiny spoons, and a small pitcher of milk. Continue reading A Tavola: Breakfast in Firenze