His Song: Enderfon’s Lament

Earlier this week, you met the Rock Giant, Enderfon, a heroic character in Where Dragons Follow, my fantasy novel #2. While he was imprisoned in his stone shell he composed a number of poems. They are not quite doggerel but he composed them in all seriousness. A good way to pass the time when you don’t have other options.


Away from my home I wandered afar

To lands unknown, driven by quest.

I walked alone armed with my mace

And promising to do my best.


Like boll ink blots, my eyes lost light.

What did I lose in that bottomless night

Of echoes and cries sapping my might?

A spell was cast and I was trapped

In a stone shell holding me tight.


Falling, falling. Was I asleep?

I heard a dragon call my name.

Within my heart, it lay so deep.

My aching dreams, were they to blame?

Awake on the plain, no more to weep

I rose to find the hero’s way.



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