Rainy Day Thoughts

The sound of tires swishing along rain-soaked streets reminds me of waves tumbling along the lakeshore yesterday. The downpour splashing heavy drops on our air conditioner has convinced me to forgo my morning walk. I’ll follow an exercise video instead. Other creatures are more content with the sky’s liquid gift. Birds have more puddles for a bath or drink. Dogs don’t care (I guess). The rabbits carry on and squirrels seem indifferent. I’ll wait for the rain to dwindle before grabbing my gear for another beautiful walk around my city. In the meantime, I’ll use this time to write, read, … Continue reading Rainy Day Thoughts

A Little Chocolate Now and Then Doesn’t Hurt

  The magic of chocolate—so many of us are grateful for its power to transform a gloomy winter afternoon into a cozy cuddle with a steaming mug of cocoa and a book, for the bitter-sweet flourish of a flourless chocolate cake at the end of a meal, or for mirthful mischief while stealing from a box of cocoa-dusted truffles.   The French/American actress and dancer, Leslie Caron had a small part in a film called Chocolat released in 2000.  She played an elderly woman, quite the opposite of her ingenue starring role in An American in Paris 50 years earlier.  … Continue reading A Little Chocolate Now and Then Doesn’t Hurt

Plague Diary

Not that my case is unique, but during these long, draining months of Pandemically-Paused Life, I find solace and relief whenever I doodle or hone a Gerty drawing. Today I looked through my collection of drawings and found some to share. Each one addresses Gerty’s reaction to or choice concerning COVID-19 in her idiosyncratic way. Gerty is slimming down and has embraced a more active life. Is she reflecting my enthusiasm for frequent early morning walks along the shores of our magnificent Lake Michigan? Could be. Continue reading Plague Diary

Some mornings

Now, my days are fraught with challenges, but they all begin similarly. I hear the cat scratching at my door (husband already up and exercising for hours). I open my eyes, stretch, count my blessings, and practice a few PT exercises. I let Cat into the bedroom and dress in gym clothes or stay in my winter pj’s. Which path to choose—organized list-following or a good wallow with coffee and The New Yorker? Here is my Gerty who faces the same dilemma: Continue reading Some mornings

His Song: Enderfon’s Lament

Earlier this week, you met the Rock Giant, Enderfon, a heroic character in Where Dragons Follow, my fantasy novel #2. While he was imprisoned in his stone shell he composed a number of poems. They are not quite doggerel but he composed them in all seriousness. A good way to pass the time when you don’t have other options. THE SPELL BREAKS Away from my home I wandered afar To lands unknown, driven by quest. I walked alone armed with my mace And promising to do my best.   Like boll ink blots, my eyes lost light. What did I … Continue reading His Song: Enderfon’s Lament