Bird is the Word


One morning, I doodled this on a crossword puzzle page
Later I saw a photo of a Dunlin, a cute little shorebird. How to draw it? I decided to have some fun with it and suggest her flirtation with an elegant fish. “It’s a marvelous night for a Moondance”
Sleepy, collapsed Green Heron. We saw a beautiful one all orange-legged and ready for breeding in the UW Arboretum.
From my sketchbook: a threatened bird. In the Arboretum we encountered two wild tom turkeys in full display and three hens. One male gobbled and hissed at me. Were they on a family outing?

One thought on “Bird is the Word

  1. Great drawings and intriguing titles. Fun to think of birds and fish having a social life – who knows? Maybe they do!


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