Some mornings

Now, my days are fraught with challenges, but they all begin similarly. I hear the cat scratching at my door (husband already up and exercising for hours). I open my eyes, stretch, count my blessings, and practice a few PT exercises. I let Cat into the bedroom and dress in gym clothes or stay in my winter pj’s. Which path to choose—organized list-following or a good wallow with coffee and The New Yorker? Here is my Gerty who faces the same dilemma: Continue reading Some mornings

Cartoons -Moping, Masks, and Musings

Although COVID-19 is surging within the younger population in my area–those who gather in crowds without wearing a mask at bars, restaurants, and on the lakeshore–most people I pass on the street are abiding by the city’s request to social-distance and wear some sort of face shield. My character, Gerty, has chosen to be socially responsible, too, and I have drawn her in a series of situations as the pandemic has been advancing. The cat, who is Greek and has taken the name μαυρο, comforts Gerty who spends most of her day at home with her art. She often must … Continue reading Cartoons -Moping, Masks, and Musings